Holiday by train

“If we take a holiday that gives a lot of travel pleasure with a low climate footprint, we have managed to combine two good choices.” Train enthusiast and author of  Togbloggen Sigrid Elsrud writes this in the prolog to the new book Holiday by train. The book offers practical tips and advice and lots of inspiration for the train holiday! Like taking the train to Spain and getting a lot of Europe on the road or taking a Nordic tour on rails.

We met the author at Oslo S together with another train enthusiast, Kristian Skjellum Aas, from the inspiring, useful and popular facebook group Togferie.

We at TravelXpo are happy to have so much train enthusiasm and travel knowledge with us on the team ahead of TravelXpo in January at Telenor Arena.

We give the book a 6 out of 6!

Text: Birgit Haugen