You never have to travel far to find DNT’s offer

The Norwegian Tourist Association (DNT) has activities for all age groups, regardless of whether you live in the city, in the mountains or by the water. During TravelXpo, they would like to show the public some of what they can offer.

– At our stand you can get inspiration for experiences in the mountains, in the city park and by the fjord. We will provide information about our offers and can also assist with planning trips and leisure trips – either on your own or as a participant in one of our many activities, says adviser at DNT Oslo and surrounding area, Jan-Petter Røisgaard.
He wants the tourist association’s stand to be a place where members can meet them, but also an arena where they hope to make many new acquaintances, who are of course welcome to use their offer and as members of DNT.

Jan-Petter Røisgaard

Something for everyone
– With us, we have offers for all age groups, and both for members and others. We have the children’s tour team (Barnas Turlag), which facilitates the youngest, and DNT Young (DNT Ung), with activities for those between 13 and 26 years of age. In addition, we have a number of activities for adults and especially seniors, he says.
However, the experiences are not only linked to age, but also to interests. Maybe it sounds exciting with mountain sports activities, such as climbing, glacier and summit tours or kayaking?
– Those looking for an international hiking community, tours and activities for people with disabilities, single tours, yoga tours and more will also find a good offer with us. Our activities are both for those who prefer to go on trips and activities on their own and those who want to sign up for ready-made trip plans and are looking for a hiking companionship with others, says Røisgaard.

Get good tips for the trip
To show off a little of what they do, DNT also organizes some activities in the spirit of the association during the fair. The fair public can take part in a joint tour of Fornebulandet, with volunteer tour leaders, on both Saturday and Sunday, and there will be a rebus for the youngest to find DNT’s mascot, Turbo.
– Inside Telenor Arena there will be a climbing wall that everyone can test. This is operated by climbing instructors from DNT Ung Oslo. There will also be an opportunity to get travel tips from the managers at some of our mountain huts, and also get advice on how to pack your backpack, he says.
He adds that the stand will have a cozy cabin feel, as they will create a tourist cabin experience inside the exhibition hall. DNT’s general secretary Dag Terje Solvang, directors from some of the mountain huts and others from the association will be present to answer questions.

Bilder fra fellestur mellom Nørdstedalseter og Sognefjellshytta. Andre etappe av MASSIV.

Exciting experiences
– We will of course offer visitors to TravelXpo an extra motivation to sign up this weekend, but the hope is that the real reason for signing up to DNT is that we offer exciting experiences through cabins, the trail and route network and organized trips and activities, says Røisgaard.
For DNT, it is primarily a goal to showcase its broad and unique offer, as well as to show that there are offers in all parts of Norway. DNT is a membership organization that exists for people with different backgrounds, and he believes that many people can find meaning in supporting their work to create conditions so that as many people as possible can have good nature experiences.
– Experience both the winter, summer and autumn mountains with DNT. Paddle to a fjord cabin or go to a field cabin after work and be there for the morning meeting at work the next day. Find a community on our trips and activities or as a DNT volunteer, is the call from Røisgaard.

Text: Katrine Andreassen
Photo: DNT & Linn Hines