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Explore The World

Explore the World teams up with TravelXpo

When Norway’s largest tourism fair is held at Telenor Arena the 12-14th of January 2024, it will be with Explore the World on our team.

Explore the World is a project developed and owned by the travel industry itself. The tour operators have agreed to contribute to the development of a new and exciting arena in order to meet a travel-happy audience, and actively participate in the development of the event.


At TravelXpo, Explore the World gets its own area. In this way, they become a part of Travelxpo, at the same time as there is a separate section where the most important part of the concept is retained, in the form of an “open landscape”, with exclusively international destinations, focus on dialogue, skilled travel advisors with broad experience, and a wide range of seminars.


Read more about Explore the World on their website