TravelXpo 14.-16. January 2022 postponed

Based on the government’s press conference on 7 December and the infection control measures that have now been introduced, as well as the uncertainty associated with the development of the Covid-19 situation in society both in Norway and internationally, it has been decided to postpone TravelXpo.

All exhibitors from home and abroad, co-organizers, partners and Compass Fairs as organizers need predictability for good planning and implementation. This predictability is p.t. not sufficient enough to be able to give the audience a content and an experience as intended.

However, a postponement gives all contributors to TravelXpo an additional opportunity to create the tourism fair of all time when a new date is available. We look forward to thrilling and engaging the audience and arranging a professionally strong, fun and eventful industry day when circumstances allow. New date will be announced at a later date.