Travel Conference

TravelXpo invites you to industry day

In collaboration with Innovation Norway, TravelXpo invites the travel industry to a closed industry day at Telenor Arena on 13 January 2023. It will be a packed program with many interesting speakers from the travel industry – and great opportunities to make important industry contacts. Sign up here.

At the industry day, you will meet these tourism profiles who deal with three main areas:

The unique Norway

  • Aase Marthe Horrigmo, director of tourism at Innovation Norway
  • Christine Baglo, Editor in Chief for Visit Norway
  • Bernt Bucher Johannessen, general manager at Hanen
  • Nils Henrik Geitle, managing director in De Historiske
  • Torunn Tronsvang, founder and manger of Up Norway

Lunch 12.00 – 13.00

Tourism in social development; An industry to invest in?

  • Industry Minister Jan Christian Vestre in conversation with Arne Hjeltnes
  • Svein Arild Steen-Mevold, Head of Travel & Tourism in Adolfsen group & Norlandia Hotel Group
  • Øystein Dørum, director social economy at NHO
  • Margaret Hystad, investor in Utne Hotel/Viking Adventure

Sustainable tourism. Is it possible?

  • John-Ragnar Aarset, Executive Vice President Communications and Public Relations in Avinor
  • Christian Lunde, manager of Visit Oslo

The world is changing, new markets, target groups, trends and new technology are helping to create opportunities, while at the same time the cost picture and the international competition in travel are becoming increasingly challenging.

If Norway is to succeed in building a competitive tourism economy towards 2030, we must strengthen tourism’s position as a leading industry and recognize tourism as a strategic export industry. The story of scenic Norway does not sell itself. Growth in tourism must take place through more tourists who are willing to pay and who are climate-conscious. This goal must be the starting point for the development of Norway to become a powerhouse for distribution, value creation and sustainability.

The Norwegian tourism industry competes in an international market. We must become even better at winning in the competition against destinations elsewhere in the world. Traditional business models and logistics networks are challenged, and we are dependent on more targeted development, marketing and distribution of Norwegian tourism products.

The unique Norway!

Meet the director of tourism at Innovation Norway, Aase Marthe Horrigmo and Christine Baglo, editor at Visit Norway. In addition, you will meet Bernt Bucher-Johannessen, general manager of HANEN and Nils Henrik Geitle, CEO of De Historiske.

Tourism in social development; an industry to invest in?

What place does tourism have in the development of society, and what should be prioritized in the first years of the tourism strategy?

In this part of the programme, you will meet Minister of Business Jan Christian Vestre and Øystein Dørum, director of social economy from NHO, who will talk about the state of the economy in tourism.

Sustainable tourism. Is it possible?

What does sustainability look like from a metropolitan perspective and from aviation? Christian Lunde, managing director. in Visit Oslo and John-Ragnar Aarset, executive vice president of communications and public relations at Avinor, take a closer look at the topic.

Several exciting tourism profiles will share their perspectives with the participants through informative lectures.

Together with conference host Arne Hjeltnes, we open “The taste of Norway” with local food and drink for lunch. Limited number of places – so here applies first come, first served.

Faglig program inkl. lunsj fra kl. 09.30-15.00
After the industry day, everyone is invited to a B2B mingling at the fair until 18.00. You also get a unique opportunity to meet exhibitors from “Explore the World”‘s own pavilion. Take a sneak peek at our diving tank, climbing wall and other experiences that the public can experience at Telenor Arena in connection with TravelXpo.

We look forward to welcoming you!