The Travel Trade Fair and TravelXpo are joining forces

When Norway’s largest travel trade fair takes place at Telenor Arena on January 12-14, 2024, it will be with united strengths and a combined effort. The Travel Trade Fair and TravelXpo are now working together for one common travel trade fair.

At one point, it seemed like there would be two separate travel trade fairs on the same weekend in January 2024. In March, the parties decided to have a meeting to discuss the possibilities of a collaboration for a joint event, for the benefit of the travel industry and especially the public. One world – one fair.

“We at the Travel Trade Fair are thrilled to have entered into an agreement with TravelXpo and Compass Fairs. Together, we will provide the travel industry and travel enthusiasts with an even bigger meeting place and a fair filled with Norwegian and international destinations,” says Kristin Nydahl Øhrn and Merete Falch from the Travel Trade Fair.

“The industry and the public can look forward to next year’s fair. We will complement each other greatly with added quality and breadth, and together build a stronger platform for a sustainable product in the future. This will be a fantastic meeting place for all travel enthusiasts,” says Stewart L. Stjernholm from Compass Fairs and TravelXpo.

The Travel Trade Fair TravelXpo will take place at Telenor Arena on January 12-14, 2024.

Contact information:

Lindis Sletvik Stjernholm
Tlf 971 77 289

Kristin Nydahl Øhrn
Tlf 917 44 337

Merete Falch
Tlf 970 18 967