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Infection control measures at TravelXpo

TravelXpo meets all infection control requirements

TravelXpo is covered by section 13 of the Covid-19 regulations, which for the time being has banned indoor events where more than 200 people are present at the same time. Exhibitors and employees from Compass Fairs are considered employees and contractors who are responsible for the implementation of the event, and are therefore not counted.

If we should be allowed to carry out our trade fairs, there will be high demands on infection control. We also encourage everyone who has the opportunity to avoid the busiest times, which are usually in the middle of the day on Saturday and Sunday. If we reach the maximum number of visitors, waiting zones outside the exhibition arena will be used. Here you will be able to keep a good distance from others in the queue.

In order for the trade fair participation to be safe for both exhibitors, the public and our own employees, Standard Norway has prepared a national infection control guide in line with the National Institute of Public Health’s guidelines. All relevant municipal chief physicians are also contacted and invited to provide input to take care of local conditions.

Click here to read our infection control guide

The infection control guide lists a number of measures that will be implemented at this autumn’s fairs. Among other things, dedicated security staff will help to ensure that rules on distance are complied with, there will be frequent cleaning throughout the weekend, and antibacterial liquid and signs about hygiene and distance will be set up in a number of places at the fair. It is also important that you do not come to the fair if you are experiencing symptoms of illness.

The infection control guide is continuously updated in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations. In this way, TravelXpo will be a safe trading arena for both exhibitors, the public and employees. TravelXpo is like any other shopping center, and it should be at least as safe to come to us as to the local shopping center.

Because of the situation we will experience a bit of a different fair, but we are very much looking forward to inspiring with news, expert help and good trade fair offers in a safe arena.

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